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Hot Dogs or Legs???

This is going to be a quick little blog, but K.A.S.H. woke up without a hangover so I’m feeling freaking great and decided to blog a bit before I watch the NCAA Tournament all day while crushing Cool Ranch Doritos and Miller Lattes. This blog is going to be about my favorite thing to snapchat people probably once a month.



I’m blogging about a game I was introduced to this summer, called Hot Dogs or Legs,

Situation: You’re wearing shorts on the couch or beach and you put your legs together to look like a couple of hot dogs, then you send it to everyone on your snapchat and watch them all freak out. 

Reactions: I’ve gotten reactions stemming from people like “oh fuck off dude, those are your legs or some pale, tired ass hot dogs” then there are people who actually believe those hairy ass thighs are hot dogs and that’s where shit gets funny.

Types of legs: Pretty funny when bro’s send it with their hairy ass tree trunks and will lie till the end of time that those are indeed hot dogs they sent, but then you got the girls who can pull it off. Fresh off a shave with some Skintimate lotion in the shower and a nice spray tan you could have my dumbass believing you felt the need to throw up a pair of hot dogs in front of your phone and take a selfie.


Just finished this blog and realized it’s fucking pointless, eh fuck it, you hang out with me you’ll see and hear a lot more dumb random shit.


Let’s go Wisconsin tonight, fuck the Ducks.