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How to Cope With a Packers Loss!!

I get so Damn Depressed after a PACKERS LOSS!! So here is my recipe on how to cope with tonight’s depressing loss. 


1. Drink And Drink Heavily!!

 This One is pretty much a given.  You drink in celebration after a Packers Win, and drown yourself by drinking into depression after a packers loss.  Hell I’m in my parents house laying in me bed right now by myself sipping on Bloody Vagina’s/Bloody V’s (Cranberry Vodkas).

2. Where Black The Day After

I got this tradition from my sophomore History teacher in High School.  I noticed every time after the packers loss he was wearing black the following day.  Ever since I noticed that I have been doing the same thing. Since I will be working at my dream job the OG tomorrow I will be wearing black anyways.

3. Don’t Watch Sportscenter

I can’t watch Sportscenter for about a week.  I can’t bear to hear them talk about the Packers losing.  Its like breaking up with your now EX GF, you don’t want to keep talking about it.  You wan’t to move one and forget about it.  Plus I don’t need some lousy peasant named JAWS telling me what the Packers did wrong in their last loss.  I know what they fuggin did wrong, now get out. 

4. Drink Some More

Seriously drink so much that you don’t even remember the game.  Drink so much that when you come back from the bathroom puking you wonder why your butt ass naked.  Except for the bathroom rug wrapped around you, that may or may not have happended to me before.  Bloody V’s will do that to you…

If there are a lot of Grammar Errors in this I don’t give a damn I am drunk..

-Swaggy C 


Hot Dogs or Legs???

This is going to be a quick little blog, but K.A.S.H. woke up without a hangover so I’m feeling freaking great and decided to blog a bit before I watch the NCAA Tournament all day while crushing Cool Ranch Doritos and Miller Lattes. This blog is going to be about my favorite thing to snapchat people probably once a month.



I’m blogging about a game I was introduced to this summer, called Hot Dogs or Legs,

Situation: You’re wearing shorts on the couch or beach and you put your legs together to look like a couple of hot dogs, then you send it to everyone on your snapchat and watch them all freak out. 

Reactions: I’ve gotten reactions stemming from people like “oh fuck off dude, those are your legs or some pale, tired ass hot dogs” then there are people who actually believe those hairy ass thighs are hot dogs and that’s where shit gets funny.

Types of legs: Pretty funny when bro’s send it with their hairy ass tree trunks and will lie till the end of time that those are indeed hot dogs they sent, but then you got the girls who can pull it off. Fresh off a shave with some Skintimate lotion in the shower and a nice spray tan you could have my dumbass believing you felt the need to throw up a pair of hot dogs in front of your phone and take a selfie.


Just finished this blog and realized it’s fucking pointless, eh fuck it, you hang out with me you’ll see and hear a lot more dumb random shit.


Let’s go Wisconsin tonight, fuck the Ducks.



4 People Who Can Go Play in Traffic

Hey guys were halfway through Spring Break and i’m still flustered as all hell i’m not in PCB passed out on the beach right now, but I got a few minutes of free time and decided to blog. Here are 5 people who i’d like to go play in traffic and possibly get run over by a Diesel Truck.

1.) Farrah Abraham- Former Teen Mom Star

“Blowin” is Farrahs  new single, I swear to God I listened to 30 seconds and it was the worst fucking song i’ve ever heard in my life, even worse than “Friday”. She’s a skank who is a terrible mother and I hate her for that. In this song she’s supposed to be singing about her relationship with her daughter, yet the whole video consists of her showing off her fake melons while grinding in the club. I’m flustered, no Farrah I won’t follow your dumbass on Twitter. So bent right now.

2.) Tom Crean Errrrrrrr Dwight Schrute 


I’m a huge Badgers fan so i’ve hated Crean since he was trying to steal Wisconsin’s recruits at Marquette. I hate Indiana fans ever since they beat us this year at their house and stormed the court, like really you’re supposed to be a top 5 prestigious basketball program GTFO. When Indiana didn’t make the NCAA Tournament this year and reasoned why they didn’t play in the CBI (a tournament for shitty teams) “We’re Indiana, we don’t play in the CBI”. Fuck of Hoosiers


Crean is such a daisy pusher, you won’t see Bo Ryan frenching Sam Dekker on the sidelines.

3.) Everyone in PCB


I know I know it’s my fault for not getting a group of people together to go to PCB or offering to drive the Diesel to Florida but i’m unbelievably pissed right now. I should be on a beach drinking out of a fucking sand pale right now, bonging beers, and hitting on girls from Tennessee, like if I could picture heaven, this would be it. I’m an A-Hole for not going, but idc if i’ll be graduated next year, if I get 1 weeks vacation i’m going to PCB. So many dimes just walking around on the beach ready to be chirped at by a lobster chested K.A.S.H. Where else can you wake up at 11am, and start bonging beers on the beach, and if you happen to boot just throw some sand over it. Fuckkkkkkkkkkkk!!!

4.) One of my Professors 

So I had the picture of this professor posted but decided I’d like to graduate. I’ll describe his ass after I tell the story why i’m flustered. So I hand in something late because I forgot it at home because I was worried about more important school shit, and dude drops a “to be fair to the class I can’t accept it.” You have no idea how bad I wanted to reply to him, dear professor “you’re a cock gobbler” I’m still so flusted that I did the assgnment and dude shuns me. I should put his dumbass on blast. Fugg off AG. peasant.

A couple miscellaneous thoughts I realized over Spring Break

1.) The show “True Detective” ravages! Mchonaguey is such a boss, I wanna talk like him

2.) Tinder Ravages- app is great, so many chicks- prolly meet my future wife on there

3.) UWGB men’s bball team didn’t make the tourney because Keifer wasn’t healthy and the selection committee knew that.

4.) I have a 3-4 day bender lined up for this weekend.

5.) i’m going to be withered at all  my Monday classed


9 Rules of Snapchat

Hey guys it’s midterm week and my brain is fuggin fried, so i’m chillin in the library and decided to blog instead of study. Me in the library pretty much includes me tweeting and snapchatting, because those are good things to put on your resume for when you graduate. Anyways quick rant i’m flustered at a professor dropping a 10 page paper on my ass before spring break, but anyways I killed it with my bullshitting so it’s all gucci.

Snapchat is the greatest fucking invention ever, and I get all fired up when I leave my phone and don’t return to any snaps, might as well go jump off a bridge if you don’t receive any snaps in a day. It got me to thinking what are the 10 no-no’s of snapchat.

1.) Max of 2 “My Story’s” a Day- First off people already abuse MyStory and put up retarded shit from the start, but it gets worse when some daisy pusher puts up fucking 10 My Story’s in 1 day, I shit you not I had a friend with a 100 second MyStory. Now you’re just abusing the purpose of snapchat and don’t whine and bitch when I delete your ass, because I’m not about to sit through you petting your fucking cat or your 10 different workouts  you did at the gym. GTFO of here you attention craving peasant. P.S. I posted this MyStory a few weeks back. Gonna go ahead and give myself an A+ for this story


This dude just beats chicks off with a stick.

2.) No Picks of Dicks or Shits- I have a few select friends who act like they’re 12 years old and find it funny to send me pics of them after they’ve dropped a log in their toilet. I truly do not appreciate waking up from a bender at “The Bull” wiping the sand out of my eyes and seeing your put a snake in the toilet. Grow the fuck up. I’ll allow you to do this to me once before I confront you and cut you out of my life. If you send a pick of your dick you should just go play in traffic.No fake corn dogs either

3.) Mass Selfie Snap Rule- Or otherwise know as “Snapdultery”- I don’t care what anyone says, snapchat is an incredible icebreaker when you first get a girls number. Such a great way to be able to flirt without throwing fucking tired ass winkey faces in your texts. Story time: I had this girl who I met, we hit it off pretty well and she’s sending me probably 5 selfies a day. Me being the dumbass I am thought they were only going to me and started to think sparks were flying. Turns out she was sending the same pics to like 10 dudes, I felt like I was cheated on, deleted her ass and called it a day. Don’t commit “Snapdultery” ladies.

4.) No Pets/ Significant Other Snaps- I think dogs are fucking cute as a button and it’s cool if you send me a few snaps of him licking his balls or humping a pillow, but if you send me a pic of you holding him 3x a day saying “isn’t he cute?” I will respond looks like a fucking rat even if deep inside i’m melting with how cute he is. Also had a girl who I thought was single send me a pic of her and her “boyfriend” cuddling. Like GTFO out of here, one don’t try and play me like a fidle and too cuddle, take a pic and put it as your fucking wallpaper on your phone.

5.) No 1 second snaps- This flusters the piss out of me, someone send a 1 second snap and my dumbass is crushing a Chipotle burrito with one hand and opening your snap with the other. WTF do you think i’m paying more attentiion too, don’t cocktease me with that 1 second snap shit. This is worse than the girl you give a ride home and she says she’d totally makeout with you if she wasn’t sick (experience from a buddy of mine) Give me 3 seconds grace period you guys.

6.) No Screenshots of me when I send funny pics of myself and putting it on Instagram-

A few nights ago I had a few too many Spotted Cows and was sending funny pics to a few of my close “friends” you know the pics where you look like you have fucking 3 chins and you just saw a fucking ghost. Those type of pics. One of my buddies decided it would be funny if they screenshotted these pictures, and collaged them and put them on Instagram. This is such a communist move, i’m surprised i still talk to this kid, only screenshot if it’s something epic. I’m still flustered.

7.) No snaps of your delicious ass food- If you know me you know I love to crush greasy food on occassion. So don’t send me a heaping plate of chinese food, in and out burger, five guys, bbq ribs or whatever you’re eating for dinner, while i’m eating a tired ass orv’s pizza at home. There’s just no reason to tease lard asses like me, so take note friends.

8.) Don’t send me a pic of your $180 paycheck all in $20’s This is such a hardo move when ppl try to be fucking Donald Trump sending me a pic of all their small bill to make it look like a wad of cash. Dude unless you’re smacking a brick of 100$ bennie franklins off an attractive girl’s ass I don’t care to see that today was payday.

9.) Don’t be the guy/girl who just views people’s snapchats and never responds- I used to associate with a few people like this, these people deserve a kick in the nuts, what are you too cool to send me a snapchat back? Are you too busy to send me a greasy pic of your face, these people who sign up for snapchat just to see what funny stuff people send them need to take a watermelon in the face like this gal.

Tell me how her nose isn’t just seriously a pile of mush after that.

Till next time friends


10 Reasons Why Twitter is Better Than Facebook

Hey guys haven’t blogged in a while because I was too busy chilling with Johnny Football Manziel, and making that money, but i’m getting the urge to blog before this tired ass class.

I recently noticed i’ve been using Twitter 100x more than i’ve been using Facebook lately, and i’m going to tell you why Twitter is better than Facebook.

1.) I Can Unfollow You Instead of Unfriend- We’ve all had it before where you meet some drunk bro/girl at the bar and they want to add you on Facebook immediatley, I usually oblige (especially if it’s a girl) and then I wake up the next morning feeling like shit seeing they are fucking annoying. That or you add someone from one of your class groups from school to be able to contact each other easier, but you don’t want to delete them off the Book because you might see them in the hallways and shit just gets awkward. Fuck that on Twitter i’ll click unfollow and go on to the next one, it’s a beautiful thing.

2.) My aunts/12 year old cousins are on it- Story time: I remember back in the days when K.A.S.H. used to get beligerantly drunk and pictres would appear on Facebook from some rando’s who I was mingling with at the bar. My 45 year old aunt comes up to me asking how my partying life is going, and who’s the girl i’m in the pic with is? FUCK THIS. this is my sign to get off Facebook and never come back, no old people should be able to see me when i’ve had about 8 too many Miller Lite’s or i’m trying to swing a girl, this just pisses me off. Another thing is my 12 year old cousins asking me to play FarmVille and asking what I mean when I put up some funny status, shit just bothers the hell outta me. There should be a Facebook for the following ages. 10-17 year old, 18-30 year olds, 30-90 year olds.

3.) Twitter keeps is short, Facebook is story telling time-  Ok, once in a while i’ll throw a nice little few sentence message out their for my Facebook fans in a post. Do not get this confused with people going on a fricken tangent posting about their fucking day or their workout, or relationship. Honestly GTFO of here you annoying peasants. Drop 140 characters on me and if you can’t do it in that amount of characters odds are whatever you’re saying is irrelevant.

4.) Selfies- Little disclaimer: Every girl i’m friends with on Facebook,I’m not referring to you, considering i’ve deleted the selfie whores. I shit you not I used to be friends with this chick who posted 3 selfies a day, 1 in the morning, another mid day and one at night in the mirror before bed. It took everything in my power to not comment smart ass comments on these pics. I understand there are days you’re looking good and a selfie is needed and i’m cool with this because you girls are beautiful, but i’m referring to the girl who posts selfies everyday to see how many likes she can get. Just snapped a sick selfie, gonna post of Facebook, prolly get about 3 likes.

P.S.- I pray one day a girl who always posts selfies gets no likes the whole day.. Evil I know but may be some good medicine for her to cool it

5.) PPL who post 5 statuses a day- I’m sorry but if you do this, you’re a fucking loser. I don’t give a fuck: where you ate, how great your workout felt, how blessed you are, what movie you just watched, or what you think about this weather. I do however like this stuff if you post it on Twitter where i can scroll quickly.

7.) Twitter is strictly words not pictures- There are a few times (more Than I can count on both hands) where i’ve slapped The Bull too hard at Cock ‘N Bull or did some regrettable shit when out having a few sodas, but nothing flusters me more than when i’m just all Hammed up and I wake up to 12 just hideous pictures of me doing dumb shit. This is where snapchat should be utilized. Only pic you’ll find of me on Twitter is me looking clean in a baby blue vest, rocking the suit jacket over my shoulder. Such a power move.

8.) People who live for “Likes” One of my best friends is “obsessed with LIKE’s guy”. The kid will seriously put up a status and get a boner every time he gets likes on his status. He tries so hard to make funny statuses or statuses people will like that it just annoys the fuck out of me. If you’re “tries to get likes guy” you can GTFO of here because no one likes you. Attention craving douche bags who have no social life are this person and it bothers me. I will purposley not like a status if I recognize I’m friends with a person like this. However, if you get a Retweet on a Twitter that’s such a Boss move. It’s tough to get a retweet on Twitter unless your Kim K or Miley, If I get a retweet that means someone is bold enough to retweet the crazy inappropriate shit I tweet about. Live for it.

9.) Baby Pictures- I recently had to delete a girl because she made a fucking Facebook account for her 3 month old baby boy. This is fucking ridiculous, thank God she didn’t post statuses under his account, but if I want to see pictures of him i’ll come over to your house with a case of Miller Lite’s and come check out his baby book, until that happens use your head. Tons of chicks are popping out babies and that’s great, but honestly unless i’m one of your best friends I don’t really want to see your babies poop diaper or him in the bath tub. Trust me when I have a kid i’ll love the shit out of him, but I won’t be posting pics of him on Facebook every day, damn kids whole life doesn’t need to be documented for the whole world to see. If someone takes a pic of that kid in a dress and puts it on Facebook he’ll never live that down.

10.) Facebook just copies other sites- Facebook is for the chickens. They steal shit from other social media sites all the time.

1.) The timeline (from Twitter) GTFO of here Facebook Twitter had that trending shit years ago.

2.) Facebook tried to be cool with “sharing” posts and link, nah piss off Zuckerberg i’ll Retweet it, much easier and it sounds cooler.

3.) Hashtags- Yes Facebook tried to steal the single most famous thing Twitter is know for…. Hashtags. Seriously eat my ass Zuckerberg, hashtagging on Facebook just sucks, even though I catch myself doing it. It’s pointless, no one searches hashtags on Facebook.


After further review, maybe I should’ve named this blog “Why I hate Zuckerberg and Facebook”


Damnit now i’m flustered and want to delete my Facebook account


Zuckerberg blows



Valentine’s Day


It’s Valentine’s Day and I took a few days off to refresh/ go to the bull and have way too many sodas, so i’m back here to give you my take on Valentine’s Day. I’ve been in relationships and been single on Valentine’s Day so i’ll give you my 2 cents on this day.

Single People

  • Single Guys- I’ve been a single guy on Valentine’s Day and let me tell you, there’s nothing to be ashamed of. It’s one fucking day of the year where every couple spends the night with each other, so you might feel alone. Don’t be so damn soft bro and sack the hell up. Find some of your fellow single bro’s and go out to the tavern and have some sodas, who knows maybe you’ll meet your future girlfriend. I have no issue with not doing anything on this holiday either, pick up a greasy pizza, or a chipotle burrito and crush some Netflix.
  • Here are a few DO NOT’s for single guys… Do NOT get all depressed and shit and put up stupid ass Facebook posts and Tweets about how lonely you are and you wish you were spending the night with a girl. I will slap the shit out of any guy who does this because that’s weak sauce and if you keep up that attitude you’ll be in the same boat next Valentines Day.
  • This is a tweet from my buddy from his Twitter account. “With hand lotion and a new rag Im all set for valentines day”

This is freaking hilarious! Dude is prepared for not having a girlfriend or even getting laid for the next full 12 months, props to this guy for admitting he’s not getting laid on Valentine’s Day or anytime in the near future. 


Single Girls- 

Now this is where K.A.S.H. may take some heat on his opinion, but fuck it here it goes. Girls who are single on Valentine’s Day could be sad and depressed and this is totally understandable, but let me tell you I think there are ways to make the best of this.


Wine solves everything for women, or at least that’s the vibe I get from every girl who had a bad day or wants to unwind, give a girl some Franzia and just let her work shit out. Wine will solve everything on Valentine’s day, and leave you with a nice headache in the morning. For dudes I recommend Fireball Whiskey

Stay off Facebook for the night- This shit will bother you if you see your girlfriends posting pics of their fucking goody basket they got from their boyfriend along with some OPEN FLOWERS. “Open Flowers” show that the dude got the flowers 10 minutes before he showed up to your house and those roses are gonna be dead tomorrow in the morning, damn slacker. But Facebook is like a goddamn flower and chocolate showcase and it flusters the hell out of me. I logged onto Facebook this morning and wanted to punch my laptop screen in.

Stay calm ladies, it’s one day and you’ll all find that special someone.

Tips for Bro’s in relationships

  • Buy her chocolate and flowers– this is all standard and pretty traditional stuff, but she’ll flip shit if she doesn’t receive both of these. She’ll send your ass packing if you forget these, and you myaswell stop at Wal-Mart and scoop some Jergens Lotion.
  • Take her out to eat somewhere nice- Now is not the time to be cheap, you better bring at least a $50 bill and expect to have none left. Don’t be a fucking cheapskate and try and take her to a place like McDonalds or Fazolli’s, that shits for the chickens. Take her to Nakashimas, get her a couple cocktails and for god sakes pull out her chair and the whole nine yards it’s a special day.
  • Buy her a giant Teddy Bear- This is such a power move, guarantee she’ll love this shit, and every time you step foot in her room she’ll bring up how much she loves that gift. Boom you’re welcome
  • article-0-18D5B32E00000578-132_634x689


Shiiiiit, I might by myself a dozen of these roses, shit is beautiful, makes me wanna cry.


All I ask of you on Valentine’s day is you don’t expect a disney parade in your honor, if you’re guy puts forth a good effort give him some props and give him some love


  • Don’t Propose on Valentine’s Day-  This is such an unoriginal move and quite frankly a peasant move. She’s probably expecting it, and everyone would lose respect for you.

I do miss the days of grade school when everyone gave everyone a card and candy, this shit was incredible. I was scared shitless of talking to girl in the 3rd grade but you bet your ass i’m eating those Bottlecaps you threw in that card for me.

By the way i’m still hungover as shit from The Bull last night, pretty epic stuff happened last night may have to blog about it.


Mens Bathroom Manners

There is nothing worst when your taking a leak and some random dude that rolls with the rainbow bus, decides to pull up to the urinal right next to you.  While there a three other ones that were empty that he could have gone to.  Then you have to stop pissing mid stream which is probably hardest thing to humanly possibly do.  After that put the sausage away zip up and walk away, and come back later when the rainbow bus is gone.

There needs to be a set on manners that all men must abide by, otherwise you get neutered and loose your man hood.  The bathroom isn’t a place for mens doubles luge. (Most Rainbow Sporting event ever)

RULE ONE Choose Urinal furthest for another Dude

However there are exceptions to this rule.  If the only urinal left is next to another dude, you may go ahead and use it.

RULE TWO No pissing in the same Urinal with another Dude

I know bros sometimes can get a little bro ish when they are drunk.  But the f-in bathroom isn’t for fencing or sword fighting.  Unfortunately last night I was a witness to this occurrence at the Cock N Bull while I walked into the bathroom and say two bros just fighting swords.  I turned around went to the bar and had shot a tequila in hopes of erasing the shitty memory.

RULE THREE No Cutting in Line

This is the oldest rule in the books.  A rule we learn about on our very first day of class in kindergarten, while we’re taking notes.  But for some reason dumb ass tough guys think they can do it sometimes.


Honesty it disgruntles me when some degenerate just gets done pissing or taking a shit and walks out of the bathroom with out washing their hands.  For those woman that are reading this, Yes this does happen.  Seriously I wish their was someone outside the door of the bathroom that would cut people hands off if they didn’t wash them.

Here’s a Video of Mens Doubles Luge

Swaggy C

5 Youtube Channels to Subcribe to

As college students we will find anyway possible to put off studying.  Most of the time we’ll just sit on our asses and stair into the computer screen like a patient at mental institution, creeping on random peoples Facebook’s, and Twitter’s.  Unless your Swaggy C you’ll laugh your ass off at funny shit on Youtube.  I’m going show you a few winners with some hilarious Youtube Channels that you should subscribe to.

1.  Shoenice22

This f-in dude is a fricken garbage disposal, he will literally eat any thing and everything you set in front of his mouth.  I’ve seen videos of this dude eat an entire container of Tabaco chew, a tube Hot and Icy, and many other things!  This dandy is in the Guinness book of world records for eating candles and has even made it on ESPN. Here is on of my favorite videos of him pounding back an entire liter of Absolute Vodka in 15 seconds like a mule.

2.  SteveKardnal

If your looking for something that will make you keep rewatching over and over.  This dudes channel would be at the top at the list.  He makes a living off his channel by lip syncing to every popular song you can think off.  However the particular one that I will put on here will be sure to make your panties drop (wink wink). Lets just say it involves a Wrecking Ball.

3.  VitalyzdTv

The dude I am about to introduce you to is the boss, Ashton Kutcher (one of my fav actors) doesn’t have chicken shit on this dude.  When it comes pranks he will literally take you through the ringer.  If I got pranked by this dude I would probably shit my pants, not once but twice.  In this video I he pranks a bunch of bros by faking a drug bust.


If you don’t like uncomfortable situation like a random person just asking you out, or randomly kissing you.  This channel probably isn’t for you.  But this bro will do anything to get people pissed off at him or embarrassed.  In this particular video he goes up to random people to hold there hands.  Be ready for something like this coming to UWGB soon.

5.  oddyZR

If I were you I would not go to the Sochi Olympics right now, because you’ll get your ass run over like grandma getting run over by a raindeer.  This channel is full of Russian driver compilations, as well as a few other randos.  I doubt these peasants even go to driving school before they get behind the wheel.  But you will at least be laughing your ass off watching it.  Here is my favorite vid that they got.

Swaggy C

My Personal Hangover Remedies

Hey guys, got had a few too many WCokes last night (Whiskey Coke) for all your Freshman, and they had a fill your own Miller Lite on tap so obviously I binged off that sucker like a calf on a cows tit. Cut a fuggin rug on the dance floor to the point I was sweating like a whore in church, but for the most part the Pink Shirt I wore was a hit as expected and I didn’t do anything too embarassing.

Now i’m hungover as shit, so I figured myaswell blog about how I think through and deal with hangovers.


I feel like Bradley Cooper right now, grasping my pillow like it’s my life support.

1.) you wake up it’s 10am and your head is pounding viciously, feeling like you got run over like a truck.

At this point you have 2 options: A. Go back to bed dehydrated as shit  OR B. man up, clean out the man tubes filled with Miller Lite and crush a water, gatorade and ibuprofren.

2. It’s 11:00 and you’re starting to think you could eat more than a saltine now, so you neeeeeeed to get some greasy food. In my opinion Chinese food is the go to in this situation, those fuckers just put something in it that cleanses hangovers.

Other good options

Pizza- Grease fights booze, nut up and crush your leftover Toppers or call in a tired ass pizza from a local spot, hangover be gone in like 2 hours.

Chipotle- Don’t know if this really cures hangovers, but it’s just another excuse to be a fatass. Chipotle will be sponsoring this blog soon enough with how much love we give it.

SODA- I’m not a damn scientist but I crushed Biology Freshman year getting a C. Pepsi and 7up (shoutout to slam on the 7up i’m trying it right now) those two are my hangover cures for sodas, a little sugar never hurt a guy. Kills a hangover.

Any other good hangover cures/remedies to share us bro’s would like to hear them.

NO, I will not rub honey all over my chest and sing “Pour Some Sugar On Me” as someone said to me on how to cure a hangover GTFO here bor.


Every Guy Should Own Pt. 1

What’s up everybody! Got a new installment we would like to bring to you and we’re going to call it: Every Guy Should Own A…. What this will consist of is anything we think every male in the college demographic should consider purchasing if they don’t own it already. Whether it’s a small, handy gadget, clothing items, A smart phone app and anything in between, we hope we can provide you with some insights.

So being that this is the first post, I’m going to start off with a two for one special. The first item every guy our age should own is a nice sport coat. Whether you’re interviewing for a new internship position/post grad job or taking out that lucky lady you made a connection with at The Bull last week to a nice dinner, you’re going to want to own one of these. Look for deals on them when Kohls/Macys is in their crazy savings period to pick up a nice coat on your college budget.

Item number two is a tool set. Whether it’s a loose screw in your apt or having to do basic repairs on the car, it is definitely an item you will use more than you think. And if you splurge for a higher quality set, it will be something you will own for many years to come.