How to Cope With a Packers Loss!!

I get so Damn Depressed after a PACKERS LOSS!! So here is my recipe on how to cope with tonight’s depressing loss. 


1. Drink And Drink Heavily!!

 This One is pretty much a given.  You drink in celebration after a Packers Win, and drown yourself by drinking into depression after a packers loss.  Hell I’m in my parents house laying in me bed right now by myself sipping on Bloody Vagina’s/Bloody V’s (Cranberry Vodkas).

2. Where Black The Day After

I got this tradition from my sophomore History teacher in High School.  I noticed every time after the packers loss he was wearing black the following day.  Ever since I noticed that I have been doing the same thing. Since I will be working at my dream job the OG tomorrow I will be wearing black anyways.

3. Don’t Watch Sportscenter

I can’t watch Sportscenter for about a week.  I can’t bear to hear them talk about the Packers losing.  Its like breaking up with your now EX GF, you don’t want to keep talking about it.  You wan’t to move one and forget about it.  Plus I don’t need some lousy peasant named JAWS telling me what the Packers did wrong in their last loss.  I know what they fuggin did wrong, now get out. 

4. Drink Some More

Seriously drink so much that you don’t even remember the game.  Drink so much that when you come back from the bathroom puking you wonder why your butt ass naked.  Except for the bathroom rug wrapped around you, that may or may not have happended to me before.  Bloody V’s will do that to you…

If there are a lot of Grammar Errors in this I don’t give a damn I am drunk..

-Swaggy C 


Tell ALL Story On How Much KASH loves his LIFE!!!

I figure its about time I write a blog again since KASH has been sweating me hard these past couple of weeks.  As some of you may remember my last blog was about how much I hate the Badgers and BO LION.  Well they ended up proving me wrong and making it to the FINAL FOURSOME where they got just got there hearts crushed.  Pretty sure KASH spiked my lemonades because I was actually starting to cheer for the badgers.  Well AnyWays the BADGERS still suck.

Now let’s get to the juicy part.  I don’t think I have ever met a person that loves their life more than KASH.  When I first met KASH he had me laughing practically every second he spoke.  The kid just seeks the attention by using his famous words like greasy, withered, flustered, legend, and so on even ask the rest of the bros.  I also don’t think I have ever gotten more belligerent with anyone else.

Just this last thur KASH walks into Cock N Bull with more swagg than anyone else I have ever seen.  He had hunnies all over him, I thought JOHNNY Fucking Manziel just walked through the door.  He sent me a text before he got there just saying that he was going to have a few dewskies. 10151186_10152059866595642_1173531156673837610_n And of course people are already handing this legend free WCokes.  Next thing I know an hour goes by, 4 WCokes later and a shot of Jamie and this kid is blitzed out of his minda and is the life of the party.

That was just one of the man
y instances KASH took the Bull by the Horns and tore them right off.  KASH also lives for the FUTSAL life, TENNIS life, and SOFTBALL life.  He likes to think hes Ronaldo on the fustal pitch, Federer on the tennis court, and Braun on the softball diamond.  But hey I guess everyone has dreams. hahaha  A couple weeks ago I decide to take KASH on at the tennis court after I havent played for about two years.  I raveged him in the first set and I’ve never seen a kid so flustered in my life.  You would have thought he just visited the devil and came back to earth.  Thats how much fire was in his eyes.  He ended up coming back and blowing me out of the court as if I would have played better not even tryin at all.

However KASH is the BEST FRIEND I could ever have.  Even though he pisses me off sometimes especially when he screens my phone calls.  If you ever want to get a hold of this kid never call him just send him a snap chat.  hahah  Love you Brother!!

This is KASH and I’s SONG That always gets us pumped up for the bull!!!

Be sure to Catch Us Getting WHITE BOY WASTED at the BULL this THUR


-Swaggy C

My New Dance Move (Inspired by Terio)

Hey guys, walked in 20 minutes late today to take a final, only thing that would’ve been more of a power move would’ve been wearing my cowboy boots and just having them click as I walk into the room. Crushed that exam in 20 minutes, piece of cake.

Didn’t plan on blogging today, but stumbled across his gem on VINE. If you don’t know who this little Hershey Butterball is, his name is Terio and he’s made tons of money off this original dance from him. Put him on the map.

I’m still convinced the dude who yells “ooooooh kill em ooooooh” is half the reason why these videos are so funny, but either way Terio has game.

Here is his newest video….


First of all, Terio, looking diesel bro. Big time summer season swole going on. Second, what was that move? The “here are my hands, here are my hands, touch my hands, hold my hands, just kidding you’re dumb I just made my hands disappear and now everyone is laughing at your stupid ass and I’m going to go sit on this couch because I’m out of breath” dance move. I want that move when i’m about to dance with a girl at XS this Thursday. Will be practicing up no doubt.



Saturday’s UWGB Softball Tournament Recap

Going for my 2nd blog of the day in an attempt to study and do my papers as little as possible. Fisch is currently to my left in a huge business meeting room after crushing a home cooked meal in the GB cafeteria. $1 coffee’s in the GB Coffee shop will play.

Anyways, i’m going to blog about my day on Saturday, where “We Got The Runs” fought our hearts out to win a championship.

The Morning-

I rolled out of rack at about 9am Saturday morning, not feeling too shabby after taking it easy on the Miller Latte’s the night before, pissed excellence and started to get my baseball clothes/gear ready. Woke up threw on a Red Nike Dri Fit tee, some blue and yellow nike shorts, and grabbed my red and grey Demarini glove, just pimping out my apparrel right off the bat. Look Good, Feel Good, Feel Good, Play Good is a life motto of mine.

The Drive/ Pregame- Listened to a little E.Church, Luke Bryan, Darius Rucker (Wagon Wheel) i’ve yet to meet a person yet who doesn’t sing this song at the top of their lungs when it comes on the radio. Stopped at McDonalds just ravaged a Bacon Egg’n Cheese Biscuit, stopped at the gas station scooped up some Big League Chew, and showed up at the ballpark. My team was there warming up, I introduced myself as K.A.S.H. and told them i’m here to rake the softball all day (hit it hard and far). Was loving the vibe of my teammates, super cool people.


If you played baseball or softball at all growing up i’m pretty sure you’ve had this stuff. Shit literally is gold in shredded shrands of bubblegum. I used to go through like 2 packs per game in little league.


Early Stages of the tournament- We just ravaged the first team we played 16-1 Mando and the bro’s on the other team were getting flustered at us because we were running up the score and just smashing the softball.

2nd game- This is where shit got ugly for our team. We played a pretty solid team and only had 8 players because Davy Crockett had to go run the golf shop, and another bro had to leave for a bit. Our sticks were weak this game and we only scored 4 runs and got our arrrrssssses smoked.

Lunch Time- Losing our game meant we could only lose one more game for the rest of the tourney. I told the team it’s time to “Sack Up” and we were going to win the whole Fckn thing. So we went up to the grill they had going and decided to dabble on some hot dogs and burgers. Fisch crushed a hot dog and kid was an absolute firecracker for the rest of the day, they must’ve soaked the dogs in some whiskey or something, kid was frisky as fuck. I got a greasy cheeseburger that was defected, just flipped all over the grill filled with juice. Run to the field and get ready to run the table.

Middle Games- Pretty simple stuff here. Put in Big League Chew, catch a buzz off it, everybody on the team rakes the softball, we win our next 3 games pretty easy. Fisch was on the pitching mound just deaaaaaalllllllliiiiiinnnnngggggg out there, Clayton Kershaw esq. Our girls were killin out there, so basically we made the ship and had to beat the undefeated time 2 times in the championship to take home the title.

Championship Games- This team was full of superstars who loved their lives. I made a web gem at 1st base that made a few girls squeal out in excitement. We won our first game pretty easily against them, cuz we just smashed the ball and killed it in the field.

No Water/ Dehydration/ Sunburn- They ran out of water, so our whole team was just playing and we’re all thirsty as a dog, just can’t even swallow because it feels like we have a dry towel in our mouth. I look down to see one of the hardest farmer tans i’ve ever had in my life, and some biddie in the stands says my face is getting cooked. At this point I just threw in some more Big League Chew and went on with the games.

The Ship/Celebration- In the 2nd game of the championship we were back and forth trading the lead with the other team, till we broke out one inning and scored a ton of runs. We won and celebrated like we won the World Series (which it basically was)

We got our team pic taken with the tournament bracket in front of us, going to be my cover picture on Facebook for the next year, no doubt about it. Then got our Under Armour UWGB Tees for winning the title, and proceeded to have shower beers and party.


Sunburn Update- I’ve been applying aloe vera every half hour to try and get my face in good enough shape to have a few sodas tonight.

School Update: 3 more exams left, going to be grinding in the library hard the next few days, and probably drink an unhealthy amount of alchohol on Thursday night to celebrate being done with school.    Coffee, Big League Chew, Lipsnacks, and country music will play in the library. Will be playing bangers in the library for everyone to hear. 

Honestly listen to this song and try not to sing as loud as you can, just gets me pumped up for summer.


I can’t be the only person who thinks it’s a sauna in the library, literally sweating off 5lbs up in this bitch.

Floor 3 of the Cofrin Library is for play, Floor 6 is for grinding. Legooo

Jpaul your pickle you got in and were safe on, on Saturday made me have a weird tingling in my pants. Just practices pickles in the back yard.

Lewandowski aka Scooter Gennett, raaaaakes








5 Things I Hate About Sunburn

Hey guys, it’s K.A.S.H. here, currently sitting up on the 5th floor in a study room sunburnt as fuck and hating life. If you don’t know by now “We Got The Runs” (our softball team for the UWGB intramural tournnament) played 7 games straight and won the ship. Literally the most fun softball tournaments i’ve ever played in my life. But what I didn’t realize is that I’d end up being sunburnt and looking like a damn lobster.

Here are the five things I’m hating most about being sunburnt

1.) Everyone stares at you- I’ve been on campus for 20 minutes and not one person hasn’t just stared at me in the hallway. I feel like I have a fucking dildo hanging off my face or something with some of the looks i’m getting from people. I asked for a private study room in the library and chick at the desk literally stared at me for like 10 seconds. Just getting discriminated against and i’m hating it. 



2.) Putting on Aloe Vera every 2 seconds- My life has consisted of putting on Aloe Vera every 2 hours to try and subside the burning and redness from this sunburn. It’s a fucking hassle, the lotion feels like i’m dropping an ice cube on my skin, and the skin leaves you feeling greasy. May hire someone to put aloe very on my arms and face all day, just because it’s torture doing it to yourself. If you see me applying Aloe Vera in my study room today, just keep it moving, no need to stare.

3.) Sleeping- At least I don’t have sunburn on my chest or back where you have to sleep shirtless, sitting up because otherwise it feels like your laying on an oven. But even still my arms, neck and face are sunburnt and it just sucks putting your head on your pillow and it feeling 

4.) Everyone asking if I got too much sun or pointing it out- Show up after winning the softball championship at my best friend’s graduation party and 5 people come up to me and ask if I got sunburnt today, does it looking like I got fucking sunburnt or rubbed marinara sauce all over my face? This is getting old as fuck already and it’s been 2 days. Or the biddie at the gas station telling me “oh it looks like you got a little sunburnt today, should’ve wore sunscreen”. First of all thanks for your observation and concern, but I don’t need a 50 year old woman commenting on my sunburn as I try to buy 4 gatorades to flush out the sunburn, and the giants bag of ice i’m going to smear on my face for the night to get rid of the pain.

5.) Farmers Tan- Grew up on a farm so it’s not a huge deal, but I decided to wear a Nike Dri-Fit short sleeve T-shirt and i’m pretty confident everyone in the world can tell where my shirt line ended up. Just walking around wearing 3/4 length sleeve baseball tees until I get my upper arms and biceps tan as well. It would be a power move to rock a sleeveless shirt on campus, just embracing the farmers tan. 

Swaggy C said he’ll blog 2-3 times this week, I will buy his first round of drinks at The Bull if he does this.

Picked up a famous follower yesterday on the Twitter Account

I will probably overdose on whiskey this Thursday at The Bull, because it’s my graduation/going away party there, 1 last time to drink there while still a student. No regrets you guys, no regrets. 



This is my buddy from high school “Wildlife” kid has “No Regrets” tatooed on his right bicep. Such a guido.

Just dumping Buschski’s down his throat on a pontoon boat, sounds like my upcoming summer plans.




What Johnny Football and K.A.S.H. Have In Common

So the NFL Draft was last night and the Packers passed up on drafting Johnny Manziel with their pick (smart move, HA HA will ball out on the field no doubt.) But I’m sitting here in the library, hungover off Jamo and Whiskey and I can’t help but see so many similarities between me and Johnny Football. So here goes nothing.

1.) Nicknames- Johnny Football is such a money nickname like seriously, your first name followed by the sport you play shouldn’t be such a dope nickname but it is. Then I look over at myself who took some initials out of his first and last name and compiled it into a pretty tight nickname. Honestly would just have to flip a coin to figure out who’s nickname is better, but either way I don’t even believe half my friend or ppl I see at the Bull even know what my first or last name is. 

2.) We Both Ravage In Sports- So Johnny Football tears it up on the football field versus SEC competition and I was backup quarterback for my high school football team. Not a huge difference in my opinion. He makes 300pound lineman miss, I make people miss my flags in flag football, just another way we’re similar. Fucker throws up the money signs after he scores a touchdown, I do the riverdance or the Gronkowski spike. Kid just balls out on the field, can’t even act like we’re in the same ballpark in this one. I do however RAKE on the softball diamond… “Wake and Rake” kids it’s a lifestyle. 



Best Touchdown celebration ever??


3.) We both enjoy getting belligerent- I enjoy the crap out of going out with my friends and just having a good time, with bottomless W-Cokes and Miller Latte cups, occasionally I will get a little too frisky and do shit I’m not the most proud of but hey it’s something me and Johnny Manziel have in common. I’m just going to share these pics with you and you can decide who’s life is more sick.



Is that a fucking sparkler in his mouth? Seriously such a power move. Hot blonde on his hip and bro’s having the time of their life partying with him. 



Johnny is just cooked in this picture, can’t even look up at the camera or stand up straight, such a boss. Can these girls just let the dude breathe for a second instead of dumping champagne down his throat. By the way everytime I drink champagne at weddings they have the rename the dance floor after me because I cut a fuggin rug. I might just walk around the Bull with a bottle of Whiskey like this.


Ok, this might be my favorite pic of Johnny Football ever, scooby doo costume for halloween and bitties are just flocking to him. A couple of 9.9/10’s on each shoulder will play. This is relatable to when I dressed up as Fred Flinstone or Harry from Dumb and Dumber, pretty much too easy to get girls attention when you rock those outfits. I know what i’m being for Halloween next year, Scooby Doo will play.

4.) We can’t keep our eyes open in pictures- Woke up and i’m pretty flustered with myself, just didn’t put on a good performance in front of the camera for one of our blog readers 21st birthday party, Either was really tired or the Whiskey woudn’t allow my eyes to open. No worries, Johnny Football has this same problem.


5.) We Both Love Money- So his parents ran a multi-million dollar oil rigging field and I grew up on a farm in Seymour, honestly no big difference. Johnny Football sold his autograph in college to make money, i’d do the same exact thing, seriously if I can get $30,000 dollar in my pocket for signing my name i’d do it too. I love hustling, making money, being entreprenurial, i’ll own my own business one day and be my own boss. Just the way it has to be. 


Couldn’t find the pic of me sleeping on a bed full of $100 bills but it does exist.


5.) Meeting Johnny Football Story Time-


So me and my buddy were in Indianapolis for the NFL Combine and we see a flock of people sorrounding someone and we find out it’s Johnny Football. I worked my IPhone hard and it went dead as I was getting my camera ready for a selfie with Johnny Manziel. Luckily my buddy had it ready and just as Johnny Football was about to raid the Nike Shoe store he looked up and put on a million dollar smile in this pic with us. Seriously the best pic of my life to date. Dude has so much swag, I cracked a joke and made Johnny Football geek out so that  was pretty tight. As you can see i’m trying to run the Johnny Football hairstyle here. Not as good obvi but it’ll play.


The list of similarities between us are endless, gonna cut it off here and do some actual homework.

Stay sweet,



My Life Since Breaking Bad Ended *Spoiler Alert****

I’m a TV series junkie and Breaking Bad was my favorite experience of binge watching ever. I watched the show on Netflix over my Christmas break last year, and I was just crushing episodes left and right. I shit you not I was watching 6-8 episodes a day, blowing off any plans put in front of me. Hey KASH want to go on a date tonight? “No, unless you want to watching Breaking Bad until you can’t keep your eyes open.” Shit literally consumed my life.

I watched it on TV, and bit all my fingernails off in anticipation of the ending, the only way you don’t know what happened in the end of the show is if you’ve been living under a rock the last year. Either way R.I.P. Walter White.

Now, i’ve been in a desperate search for a new TV series to watch, I asked every single person I knew for a good new show to watch sinc I already started Walking Dead and Homeland. here are the ones who were good, bad and awful

Shows I liked-

1.) Shameless- Image

This show is nuts, alchoholic dad, bastard children, and just the most absurd, wrong things you could think of. I swear the writers of this show just watch porn all day and think up weird shit. Somehow this show was so good I couldn’t turn away. Check it out if you have no filter, and aren’t scared of gross shit and scenarios. BTW, Debby needs to go play in traffic. SO ANNOYING. Fiona Gallagher is a fox also.

2.) Sons of Anarchy- 

This show is about a biker gang, who basically runs the town they live in, they are good dudes but do bad things to keep the town safe. Drugs, Guns, Sex, you name it this show has it. Get past the first 2 episodes and you’ll love this show. Jax Teller is a badass and he just swoons bitches. This show is in my top 5 of all time, go watch it right now damnit.

3.) Blue Mountain State- 

This show has everything a dude (and even a girl who has a sense of humor) want in a show. Basically about a college football team, that has every scandal that you could even think of thrown at that every episode. Paying athletes (check), quarterback banging the coach’s wife (check), the team getting piss tested, and them going through extreme measures to pass (check). This show is so damn good and the episodes are so short, you can literally smash a whole season in a day or two. Thad Castle is a legend, you’ll know what I mean the first time you see an episode.

Shows I Despised-

Big Bang Theory-

Sorry to all BBT fans, but this show fuggin blows. The only thing that keeps this show on the air in my opinion is Kailey Cuoco. My god is she a fox. Sheldon flusters me and seems like the type of dude i’d love to throw in a locker and never let out. Either the humor of this show is down right retarded or it’s over my head. Either way i’d rather take a shot of Jack Daniels that’s been microwaved for 30 seconds than sit down and watch a full episode of this shit.


Teen Mom–


This girl right here is the main reason why I hate this show. Spoiled brat, got pregnant had child, does a porn tape makes a million dollars. What a horrendous mother, she does realize her daughter will see that one day. I guess i’m just against the morals of this show, and how popular it is. Totally a good look for our youth, i’m calling my shot there with be a “14 and pregnant” soon, shit gets me all rhiled up and disgruntled. Farrah pisses me off, Maci was kinda cute. Fuck i’m done

Shows i’m going to start watching

House of Cards-Image

People are getting chubbies about season 2 coming out, looks like my kind of show even though I have no idea what it’s about i’m sure it’s good. I’ll be binging season 1 so i’m on time for season 2.

Game of thrones- Image

Honestly not about that Midevil Times life but, I’m sick of people not willing to label me a tv show guru because I haven’t watched this show. I’m sorry I don’t like the fuggin Hobbit and I don’t want this to be like that. I’ll give this a shot, will sit down with about 6 Chipotle Burritos and crush it.

That’s all I got, still flustered looking at Sheldon’s face and voice.


Let’s Talk Rap/Hip-Hop – ScHoolboy Q and Danny Brown

These posts are my way to express what I am listening to at the moment as well as try to throw some new rap and hip hop music your way. Could be the hottest new track from some of my favorite artists or even up and comers/people I am just checking out. I will be trying to avoid anything being overplayed on the radio right now but since I rarely listen to the radio and what’s new on the top 40 stations, it is bound to happen a few times. I’m fairly new to following hip hop more than the average person so some of these rappers have been out for a while but still make music worth listening to today. So let’s get it started talking about some up and comers as well as people that get overlooked due to their music not meeting the cookie cutter style that is Top 40 Radio.

First up on the list is someone I started getting into at the end of last school year and have continued to bump his music from my iPod in the car/walking to class on a fairly regular basis. He goes by the name of ScHoolboy Q and is a part of the Black Hippy crew alongside mainstream sensation Kendrick Lamar as well as some others such as Ab-Soul and Jay Rock. Q has been putting out music since 2008, but wasn’t discovered by myself until 2013. His albums Setbacks and Habits and Contradictions have been on repeat since I got them and ScHoolboy Q is set to release his major label debut album on February 25th, 2014 entitled Oxymoron. The songs on this album that have been released as singles already are fantastic, in my opinion, and leads me to believe this album will go hard from front to back and won’t leave anyone disappointed. That being said here is the most recent single, which was release about 3 weeks ago, entitled “Break the Bank” and has been on steady repeat for myself as well as a few other people I know. Even blasting it right now as I write this it is that damn good!

Other songs to check out by Q that will get the party going or just something to chill and listen to include Collard Greens ft. fellow Black Hippy rapper Kendrick Lamar, Party, Hands on the Wheel ft A$AP Rocky(who will be discussed in an upcoming post), Man of the Year(another solid single from upcoming album Oxymoron), and for good measure Druggies with Hoes pt 1 and 2 ft. fellow Black Hippy rapper Ab-Soul. These are just my recommendations to get started but you really can’t go wrong with anything released by Q. You’ll definitely find something you like!

I will talk about one more rapper today since I got some school nonsense to take care of but this guy is someone I have become a big fan of in a short period of time. He goes by the name of Danny Brown and is a rapper hailing from the mean streets of Detroit. Danny released his debut album XXX in 2011 for free online and followed up with his most recent album release in September of 2013 entitled Old. I got a hold of this album shortly after it came out and it has grown on me ever since. This twenty track album is basically split into two parts, Side A and Side B. Side A consists of mostly songs with deeper meaning and lyrics, about Danny’s experiences/things he witnessed while living in Detroit, his drug dealing past as well as his struggle with people wanting him to go back to his old ways or continuing with his recreational drug use maintaining his appearance as the life of the party. Side B kicks it up a notch with mostly bangers that are guaranteed to crank a party up to 11 if you got a solid group there as well as a banging stereo system to blast these tracks as loud as possible! While I am less knowledgable on XXX, this is still a solid album to check out but Old is definitely a good album to cop as soon as possible to get a feel for who Danny Brown is. Make sure you check out this whole album especially the deeper side A but here are two songs off side B sure to take your next party to rager status! Play at your own risk..

Next post will discuss the A$AP Mob, Rich Homie Quan and maybe even a few others. Until next post, keep raging!


Concerning Netflix

Every once in a while I’d like to share a little slice of life and explain what I’ve been watching on the netflix. The ol’ standbys include It’s Always Sunny in Philidelphia, Arrested Development, and The Office, but I’d like to talk about some crazy ass shows here.

Today’s Topic: Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers


What makes the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers so amazing is the batshit insanity that is every episode. You could lose all of the fighting, robots, and monsters in this show and it would still be a great cartoon highschool sitcom. If you are looking to define the 90s, look no further than the gang at Angel Grove High School. Each episode consists of the rangers hanging out at the juice bar/lifting weights/dancing/being positive role models and wouldn’t you know it but Rita Repulsa, who has a base on the moon, sends down a cartoon monster to ruin the day. The costume designers must have has a field day designing these things. There is a gnome that plays a hypnotic accordion and a giant pig’s head wearing a centurion helmet. Then the rangers suit up and summon their zords (robotic dinosaurs) which combine into a giant robot to fight a giant monster.

What I Love About This Show: The fact that anything can happen and it’s just taken as a normal part of the universe. No police or government officials are like “what’s with all of these monsters terrorizing the city recently.” This show is worth watching just for the intro/theme song. That guitar riff gets me fired up every time. The gang drives around in a car that Billy invented called the “Rad Bug.”

Pairings: Enjoy with Mickey’s Ice and garlic bread and by the end of the night you’ll be playing air guitar and trying to fight your refrigerator because you think it’s a robot.

Enjoy a couple of video clips from this masterpiece to whet your taste, then go to Netflix and watch. Keep those fruit shakes flowin’ Ernie.