The Blog


Hey welcome to our blog, just want to give you guys and girls a bit of background of what this blog will be about and who’s all involved. This purpose of this blog is for our team of bloggers to be able to just vent about shit that goes down at UWGB or in other random situations in our lives. Some of the following things we’ll blog about are:

Girls: We all have our own perspective on girls, hookups, dating and situations and how we handle them, you’ll love it when we throw personal stories in.

Beer: College is basically about Girls and Beer, and I know me and the other bro’s haven’t different tastes. Me for example will dump anything alchohol related down my throat, while others are buying top notch shit and rating it on

Sports: Sports are life so we’ll post funny vids, tweets, or just general thoughts and opinions that you guys can rip apart in the comments section.

Entertainment: Movies, TV Shows, Music. Every college kid binges on Netflix. I crush TV series and take pride in basically rating and reviewing every one. There will be gems fuckers.

Kids in Classes/Bars we can’t Fucking Stand: Instead of tweeting my personal experiences and thoughts on the teachers fucking pet who’s taking notes on the first day of class or kissing the teachers ass, i’ll come here to vent.

Food: I’m a fatfuck so i’ll tweet about food that I eat and compare restaraunts. Chipotle > Qdoba, fatty ass chicken Qdboa GTFO.

Other Topics: Tinder Matches of the Day, Best of UWGB Confessions

We’ll have twitter and Facebook pages up soon with links to our articles, all i can say is this blog is gonna fuck up UWGB Confessions world and all those nerd ass kids who sit on that page and comment on everything. GTFO of here you peasants.



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