Packers Linebacker Kyler Fackrell Weightroom Son! NOW!


Kyler Fackrell Good Job, Good Effort Bro, not only were you fucking the dog day dreaming on the sidelines but you run full speed onto the field like Rudy, get in your 3-point stance just to get swatted like a fly by the Right Tackles meat hook.

I played High School Football i’ve sat in the film room after missing a tackle 3 times when we lost on the last play of the game, he’s gonna have to walk around the Packers facility with some pink panties on his head. Kid is still picking dirt and grass out of his teeth. 

This is the epitome of the Packers season minus the good effort part of it.

The Packers STINK! stop holding out of hope of the playoffs, this secondary couldn’t hold my jock strap running my fat ass down the field. 

Latarius Gunter should be bagging my fucking groceries at Festival Foods.



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