2016 Electric Factory

So first off I’d like to apologize for the leave of absence due to KASH’s very careless knowledge of passwords and not giving me any insight about changes to the site, but guess what Bullhorn is back! And what a time to come back!

I want to start by saying, my little brother will be graduating in 2023, so by then the history books will probably be an optical illusion powered by alien drones but one thing is for sure 2016 will be the biggest fucking chapter in the whole damned thing!

Electric is an understatement, I can’t fathom the words to express my excitement to be alive right now. For one, the Chicago Cubs have finally done it, World Series Champions.

Yeah yeah yeah there are a lot of Brewers fans that probably read this blog, as well as bloggers on this blog that are brewers fans, and brewers fans who love hating the Cubs for no apparent reason other than we are legitimately better.

You guys changed your fan appreciation day this past season because it landed on a cubs game and there are too many cubs fans who come, well fucking show up to the game and support your team like a real fan should instead of just when they’re winning and it shouldn’t matter who the opposing team is.

Back to whats important, the Cubs finally did it, and after years of suffering (which I know is minimal to other fans), years of still showing up to the cubs convention to show support, and it finally happened. I can honestly say that my year/life has been made anything else positive to come is just icing on the cake.

Stacked bats, stacked bullpen, and young talent that is going to keep producing in the future.  (Section 1 of chapter 2016 in history book)


Image result for donald trump

(Insert section 2 of 2016 history book)


Who in the world would have seen this coming?

I think it is amazing. A joke, perhaps but none the less it is America, equal opportunity country, give the bastard a chance, we gave Barry O two chances and look where we are. Crime rates in the inner cities are sky rocketing, someone getting paid minimum wage flippin my burgers can’t afford to go see a doctor for the coughing and wheezing from the two packs of cigarettes they smoke a day, and Mrs. John Doe with a big swinging dick can go do his makeup in the Target bathroom with sweet little Lisa just trying to go potty.

“He is a biggot, he doesn’t pay his taxes, and he says mean things!”

When you get done crying at your protest let me know how many people he’s had killed off for knowing something about him that could ruin his campaign, put a mic on you so we can hear everything you say when your behind closed doors, and don’t worry after all the money he has put into his campaign he wont ever have to pay taxes again, oh and sorry now you have to go get a job.


Image result for bottoms up bros

(Lesson 3 of 2016 history book)


For the third and final lesson, people will be talking about how Bottoms Up Bros revolutionized the blogging world.

At least we like to think so.

With that being said, yours truly, KASH, Saggy C, and Bobby Loves Biscuits will make it a devotion to bring you blogs filled with so much content your brains will be content mush by the time you get done with reading our blogs.

Not only blogs, but we are hoping to get a podcast/’s going just to spice things up a little bit.

Catch you on the rebound!






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