Month: June 2016

One more reason not to Vote for Hillary Clinton

I try to keep this blog as politically neutral as possible, but I cannot stand this old withy hag. Just another reason I found not to vote for this biddie in 2016.. HER COUGH.


Good god tootz mix in some honey cider and cough drop. Hillary sounds like she smokes 2 packs of grits a week, take care of yourself honey. I could absoloutley see her just chain smoking in the White House, heaven forbid she’s elected just trashing the place, making all the furniture wreak of smoke and grime. She reminds of cruella deville, NEEEEEED Donny Trump as POTUS, even though he’s a loose cannon. Dude has brass balls. 


P.S. The Donny vs Hillary back and forth hate is going to be epic, Donny 1 Hillary 0 to start.

Is Hillary really protecting women?

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Michael Bisping Knocks Out Rockhold at UFC 199

Michael Bisping with the first round KO against Luke Rockhold at UFC 199 last night.


You got knocked the fuck out biatch! Big upset in UFC action last night. Veteran and scrapper Michael Bisping knocked out the heavy favorite last night as he hit em with a few haywakers got Rockhold woozy and to the ground and a few extra kiss on the chine for good measure.

I’m not the biggest UFC guy anymore but I used to be the loser at Buffalo Wild Wings there 2 hours before the fight so I could get a seat for me and my boys to show of our new affliction gear. There’s no place in the world with more testosterone than watching a UFC fight, almost brawled with a y9lked 35 year old dude with tats a few years ago.