Pablo Sandoval the fatty breaks his belt during his swing–vRQwdl9pxEzl7Ev-2ZcDTxPL1u7obQ0yycvAdiad3E3L26EUpcanwEAl3vgOiwu5J6InbowF~zptdkvVKkRKP6jznv7ccm3D86cCwQriaD7VeLujc8gvPA1V~w__&Key-Pair-Id=APKAJJ6WELAPEP47UKWQ


Good god this is terrifying because it looks like a foreshadow of me this summer in my beer league softball league. I’ve done nothing but shovel fast food down my esophogous, crush mountain dews and lattes on the weekends. Legit getting a piss tank and their is no sign of me stopping the train from rolling. I can picture it now, smoke a softball to right field round first and have what should have been an easy stand up double ending up with me barrelling into 2nd bas stumbling in sliding bellyflop style like Price Fielder.

Enough about me, back to Panda, this guy signed a 5 year $95 million dollar deal last season and done nothing but sit on his fat candy ass. I mean why the fuck not, guarantee $95 mill, hell i’d just hit China Moon every day, drink beers and eat chicken wings in the locker room, go up at the plate catch a few K’s at the plate and go back and count my money.. 

Problem is Boston fans are tough, they’ll call you the fuck out if you’re slacking and collecting their hard earned money every night because you let yourself go and turned into a lard ass.

Let’s be honest hear though the video of the slow-mo of his belt buckle exploding is like watching an old building that was structurally unsound, or a roof with a bunch of kids on it caving in. Just so much tummy fat it ate the belt right up

I think i’m gonna go hit the shredmill now, don’t wanna get Panda fat



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