Month: April 2016

Middle School Girl Gets Bodied by A Cop at School

Jennessa got a little cocky with the teacher, tried to run away from the school police officer and gets absolutey  suplexed by the cop. Wam, Bam, Thank you ma’am just a concussion on the old concrete. Legit if a police officer every did this to one of my buddies i’d give him a stomp to the face with the old boot. These fucks get off on excessive action, Jennessa weights 80 lbs soaking wet and he just ragdolled her ass.



Louisiana Tech Womens Basketball Head Coach Tyler Summitt Steps Down After Allegedly Impregnating Player

SwishAppealMultiple sources close to the situation have informed Swish Appeal the person Tyler Summitt had an inappropriate relationship with is a player and that she is pregnant. We have decided to not release the player’s name.

Earlier Thursday, Summitt resigned from his head coaching position at LA Tech after he admitted to an inappropriate relationship.

Summitt released this statement following his resignation:

“It is with great regret that I resign from my position as head coach of the women’s basketball program at Louisiana Tech University. I am profoundly disappointed in myself for engaging in a relationship that has negatively affected the people I love, respect and care about the most. My hope, plans and prayers are to repair those relationships. I am appreciative of the opportunity I was given to coach at Louisiana Tech. I am heartbroken that my time has ended in Ruston, but because of my respect for the institution, it is best that I resign. I am hopeful the media and the public will respect the privacy of my family and me as we deal with this difficult situation I have caused.”

Summitt is the son of legendary head coach, Pat Summitt. He has been the head coach at Louisiana Tech for the past two seasons. While at LA Tech, he has compiled an overall record of 30-31, 19-17 in Conference USA play.

First off, just an incredible story, if i wasn’t at my shitty sales job i would have a camera to make a 30 for 30 on this series of events. 

Let’s be honest here a 25 year old red blooded male, gets the head coaching job to coach 15 college aged women ages 18-22 who all have tremendous athletic bodies, are sweating and changing around coach and you expect hormones not to fly and sexual tension not to build. 

Now any professional head coach should know better and value his job more than a hot piece of college ass but Tyler Summitt allegedly couldn’t keep his hands and dick off the temptation. 

He was making $175,000 a year, had his dream job at the age of 25 and the future looked bright, oh not to mention his wife is way the fuck out of fuckboys league. 

This will pretty much kill all hope for any male under the age of 3o getting a crack at a head coaching gig in womens basketball for a while. 

Am I the only one who is curious as fuck as to who he allegedly got pregnant, well KASH did some digging on the roster and here’s my theory of who it is:

She’s a senior, she transferred from Marquette where Summitt used to be an assistant, and she’s the only good looking girl on the team.


Pablo Sandoval the fatty breaks his belt during his swing–vRQwdl9pxEzl7Ev-2ZcDTxPL1u7obQ0yycvAdiad3E3L26EUpcanwEAl3vgOiwu5J6InbowF~zptdkvVKkRKP6jznv7ccm3D86cCwQriaD7VeLujc8gvPA1V~w__&Key-Pair-Id=APKAJJ6WELAPEP47UKWQ


Good god this is terrifying because it looks like a foreshadow of me this summer in my beer league softball league. I’ve done nothing but shovel fast food down my esophogous, crush mountain dews and lattes on the weekends. Legit getting a piss tank and their is no sign of me stopping the train from rolling. I can picture it now, smoke a softball to right field round first and have what should have been an easy stand up double ending up with me barrelling into 2nd bas stumbling in sliding bellyflop style like Price Fielder.

Enough about me, back to Panda, this guy signed a 5 year $95 million dollar deal last season and done nothing but sit on his fat candy ass. I mean why the fuck not, guarantee $95 mill, hell i’d just hit China Moon every day, drink beers and eat chicken wings in the locker room, go up at the plate catch a few K’s at the plate and go back and count my money.. 

Problem is Boston fans are tough, they’ll call you the fuck out if you’re slacking and collecting their hard earned money every night because you let yourself go and turned into a lard ass.

Let’s be honest hear though the video of the slow-mo of his belt buckle exploding is like watching an old building that was structurally unsound, or a roof with a bunch of kids on it caving in. Just so much tummy fat it ate the belt right up

I think i’m gonna go hit the shredmill now, don’t wanna get Panda fat