Why Life after College Sucks Part 2

Hang in there you guys, hang in there.

About a year ago i wrote a similar article to this one, the reason i’m doing it is i’ve talked to even more friend who recently graduated and life fucking sucks after college and we can agree on it. Seriously i’ve been out of school for just short of 2 years and i’m ready to call er quits and go pull tits and work on the farm. A few things have changed from the last time I wrote the blog so here goes my list of reasons why life after college sucks.

1.) Your forced to stay at your job till a certain hour

Get there at 8:00am sharp if you roll in at 8:01 with a smile on your face some bitchy ass boss is up your ass, trick i’ll stay 1 minute past my ending time at work ok. Not my fault i’m still going through my bad boy phase and dumping lattes down my gullett, having strange girls stay in my bed and sleeping through the 14 alarms I set for myself. True story this happened the other day, only part I forgot was literally rolling out of the rack, grabbing my car keys and going to work in the same clothes I went out in the night before. Such a grubby move, I smelt like the biddie that I woke up to cuddling, fuggin collick was in full effect, looking like shit, almost passing out at my desk, damnit if it was college i would’ve skipped class. Don’t cage me up and tell me to stay there till 5:00, i’m sitting at the door waiting for the clock to touch 5. Fuck responsibility.

2.) You always second guess yourself

Should I pursue my dream of being a sports broadcaster, make 20 grand, living Wyoming in hopes of being the next Bob Uecker, or do I play it safe, work some fuckig tired ass sales job make 40k and be able to actually put food on the table and do fun things. I legit still haven’t figured it out, it’s so frustrating IDK if i should grind harder or just quit and be an intern and work my way up. Not to mention everyone thinks they’re going to get their dream job out of college to realize the jobs available don’t even take a college degree. I swear I never want to ever look at Indeed.com again or fill out another cover letter


I work at a place where there are 2 girls. One is a 55 year old women who I wouldn’t touch with Swaggy C’s dick, the other is a mid 20’s heifer who always tries to show off skin and sit her arrssss on my desk while I gringe knowing i’ll have to cover for her if he big tush breaks it. Gimmie the days where you see 20 hotties in your class and you can just chirp at them in class projects or shoot them a snapchat. Grad School at Arizona State still is in the cards for me guys.

All your friends are gone

fuck chilling with them during or after class, or going to The Bull, or even living with them. Nope they are all sprinkled throughout Wisconsin or took jobs somewhere else, which leaves you to work your 9-5, maybe do a few planks at the gym, scoop some food and watch the bachellorette then hit the sack and do it all over again. It’s a big deal if you meet someone out for a beer or heaven forbid have them in town to hit a bucks game my god i’m considering getting a dog to be my bestie.

Seeing Other kids in college enjoying it

I just wanna do this to them.

Seriously seeing this kiddos on spring break right now makes me want to vommit, out there crushing Keystone Light at noon, grinding on girls on the beach meanwhile i’m rocking a polo, jeans and drinking coffee with people I hate. Kids going out on weeknights, staying up all night, I legit am stopping to type anymore because it’s depressing.

Everybody hit the sack works coming early in the morning, just miserable absolutley miserable.



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