Month: January 2016

Kids Worst Nightmare

San Antonio Spurs Kiss Cam


First off I couldn’t get over how much this kid looks like Jordan Spieth.

Second it is already a little embarrassing getting called out on the kiss cam but then to make it worse you’re with a tired ass 5/10 biddie and she wont even kiss you. Cripes this had to have scarred this kid from ever going to another sporting event. Better yet the dude running the graphics brings savage to another level by over and over going back to them.

If I was this kid I would have just twisted an ear on her and brought her in for a slobbery wet one on the kisser. What does he really have to lose chances are he didnt get a text back after he dropped her off at home in his tired ass 1998 honda accord. All in all i solute this dude for chugging shiner bochs and keeping with it and planting on on her.

Good job Jordan, or broke ass, running less than average biddies doppelganger.

Catch you on the rebound.