Month: January 2015

Ummmm did this Knicks player travel or did he travel?

Holy fuck I counted 6 forms of a travel or double dribble in this play.

This tells me 2 things

1.) The Knicks are a fuggin joke

2.) I can become an nba referee in about a year if I really want to.



McDonalds Selling 50 Chicken Nuggets $9.99 Made Me Cry of Happiness

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 9.53.08 AM

Happy Fuggin New Year Folks this is the deal of the year, book it. 20 cents a nugget is what i’m talking about. Seriously could pass out with a smile on my face with a bunch of Chicken Nuggies laying on my chest and my bed. Calories for dayyyyyyyz. IMO best first date idea ever. Hey babe let’s roll over to Donnie’s scoop a 50 spot of Nuggies and crush em in my Toyota Corrolla, make out and see if we have the energy to get a little freaky. Don’t ever change America, don’t you ever fucking change.