Month: September 2014

Kissing Prank

Well what the fuck you guys, this is a pretty interesting video IMO. A couple things I take from this video.

1.) The greasy dude in the Wu-Tang shirt is getting his first kisses since Freshman year of high school

2.) For $20 I want a steamy makeup sesh with a little boob grabbage going on

3.) For $1 these chicks are kissing random dudes that are 5 years old than them? 1 fucking dollar, you can’t even buy a double cheeseburger with that shit girl.

4.) This may be a new tactic at the bull instead of buying a girl a shot, toss her a buck, pucker up and give her a taste of a KASH makeout sesh.

5.) Holy fuck I miss college, just hotties walking around everywhere, may go to Arizona State for Grad School, they have pool parties every day.

To whoever said The Bull isn’t as fun without KASH, Swaggy C and Finny I truly do appreciate it, it made me shed a tear.

1 Week in the next month we will all be showing up for a reunion at the bull on a thursday night so keep your eyes posted.



White Dude Just Partyin

Welp this is me in 40 years, just a fucking dandy in the hood, I have no business there and just giving zero fucks if anyone tries to rob me. Just in a mosh pit of black people listening to Gangsta Rap, black thickkkk booty just pressing all up on me, with their weavs falling off. This is the happiest guy in the world. I look forward to doing this someday when i’m retired.

Also am I the only white guy that thinks black girls think were fucking adorable and would bang us on the spot because we seem so innocent. Idk just happens to me every time I chirp at a black woman she gets frisky as hell right away.


Best Touchdown Celebration Ever???

Ok This has got to be the greatest Touchdown celebration ever known to man besides the Lambeau Leap.

Throw a tuddy and get ready to do the ole Donald Driver and Greg Jennings jump into each other celebration, nah fuck that we’re gentleman and scholars and we’re going to act like we’ve been there before. The timing here is impeccable and the handshake is as firm as when you go to a greasy job interview.

If this doesn’t give you chill i don’t know what will. Thank you LeRoy Butler

My Weiner is rock hard because i’ll be at Lambeau Thursday Night, ill be beligerantly drunk and chirping at Vikes fans LFG!!!


Ohio State Strength Coach BodySlams Streaker

“Hey bros watch this i’m gonna go streaking across the field and every girl is going to want to blow me because of it”

Umm I don’t think so says the Ohio State strength and conditioning coach, you just got rock bottomed bro. It looked a lot like at the rodeo where one guy ropes the calf, other guy jumps off and bodyslams him and ties his feet up, that’s the only thing missing from this video. Dude got pancaked and looks like he won’t be able to move when he finally gets out of the drunk tank.

Don’t mess with strength coaches, my high school strength coach for football lit me up when I using the correct lifting technique on purpose to piss him off, he did however say that I had the best squatting form he’s ever seen, there’s a reason I could lift a fucking  500 pound man on my back.

Lacking motivation to go to the gym today, watch this video today, I promise you’ll life the roof off


Drunk Guy Drinking With Eyes Closed and No Hands is a Boss

Look Ma no hands 👐

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First out this guy is more blackout than any of us have ever been at The Bull on a Thursday Night right?

How much trust does this guy have in life or just not giving a fuck? Eyes closed while picking up a half a beer with your teeth, you’re playing with fire my friend. Fucking love this move by this guy, in fact may try it out at the next local tavern i’m at, mad skills by this kid.

What may be more impressive is the girl videoing this, excellent timing and then a very quick zoom at the end just to confirm his eyes are shut or he’s that pie eyed where he can’t keep them open. Mike Schmitt would shed a fucking tear at those video recording skills, sharp and clear. BTW only UWGB Communication majors will understand that reference.


Tits Mcgee Flaunting Em off in Public

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 10.39.50 PM

Yummmmmmy, little underboob to get me a little riled up and hot and bother. They say confidence is sexy and this girl takes the cake, Tits down to her waist myaswell wear a belly shirt, legs that go for days and look like a chicken drumstick? myaswell rock that cute mini skirt you bought at kohls. He hair is looking Fab, and those crocs on her feet are saying she’s adventurous and not afraid to her her hands dirty.

Hey fellas would you tackle this one for a slump buster and were desperate to get your sex confidence back? Guarantee there’s fruit in her baggie she’s carrying.

Stay hot, stay sweet tootz, us fellas need good eye candy on the street


Streaker at College Football Game Should Be On The Team

This dude is an absolute savage, the video speaks for itself. Steals the football from the referee gives it a massive Gronk Spike and proceeds to slice and dice in between security guards just juking them and leaving their jocks on the ground. At the :08 second mark the FAATTT security guard tries to horse collar him, GTF off me bro says the streaker and the guy almost made it out of the stadium until the random asshole bystander grabs him and helps stop him. 

Tell me that streaking at a sporting event with tens of thousands of people wouldn’t just be the biggest rush ever. Running around with your dick swinging while fat out of shape dudes chase you around for 5 minutes, damnit look for KASH on tv streaking at Lambeau on Thursday Night.

I’ll be at the game on Thursday, here are the essentials.

– Endless amounts of brats, and cheese and crackers

– Flabongo, bitches love it and so do I

– Fireball Whiskey- Just clean out the pipes for all the yelling i’ll be doing during the game

– Cheese Butt Cheeks- Bought these bad boys pictured below on clearance, power move and basically just an invitation for biddies to come up and squeeze your arrsssss.


Best Tinder Profile Pic Ever By This Bro

photo (36)

Well look at this hot rod, forget about your dashing good looks, 6 pack abs and pearly smile, if you’re looking for a girl in your life just post a picture of your fat ban account. I’ve gotten some hits on Tinder and it’s whatever, but I guarantee this dude is pulling hundreds of girls a day, with them asking to go to vacation in Hawaii or Tahiti. Such a power move by Brandon here that it makes me sick. Like why the fuck would any girl ever swipe left, he has enough money to take care of you for a while, who cares if he’s an arrogant dickhead with a peanut dick. Fugg it may have to do some Adobe Photoshop and toss the name “Kyle” on that bank account picture, slick as hell move I know.

Anyways i’m totally re-evaluating my Tinder profile pics and game right now.


Cop Pulls Guys Over for Seatbelt Ticket, Proceeds to Shoot Him

First off let me just start out by saying I hate cops, just a bunch of stuck up pigs who think they’re hot shit. I have a few friends who are cops, that’s fine they chose that occupation but 90% of them are dbags. Getting pulled over for a seatbelt ticket is also one of the stupidest things ever in the first place, but when the dude reaches for his ID you start shooting like your in the fucking Marines. GTFO of here dude, bunch of pigs on a power trip IMO. Hope he gets put in the slammer for 10 years.

1.) Got pulled over a few days by a state trooper for going 15 MPH over, got the ticket even though my slick tongue tried talking myself out of it,

2.) I got pulled over another time at 1am and fucker made me do a sobriety test, I had about 6 Dewski’s in me so it was all good.


Lady With The Best Lollipop Lick Game Ever

Look at these two dandies at the Cleveland Indians game last night, just a couple of party animals. Nascar/Lawn Mowing Earmuffs on listening to the radio not to mention my gal Sharon just getting after the Lollipop game. Chick is just caressing and savoring every particle of that sweet lollipop. Like seriously have you ever seen a girl love her life more than her just an absolute savage/creepy lollipop lick. I’ve watched it 100+ times and love it. Guarantee you this couple has some weird ass sex traditions, just so steamy and intesne, with a tongue game like that, lord knows what happens.

Calling this: Her tongue has to feel like sandpaper, just has that look to it. Keep licking tootz gonna take you about 5,000 licks to get to the middle of that tootsie pop.