GrandParents Pay For GrandDaughters Boob Job To “Boost Her Confidence”

Metro- Harry and Dee Giles agreed to foot the £5,000 bill to help their granddaughter Amy Hart get over her low self-confidence and nerves. The air stewardess’ parents refused to give her money for the procedure to swap her 34As for double Ds. So she went to their seniors who gave her the green light after she spoke about taking out a loan to cover the cost. She booked the op shortly after her 21st birthday. ‘I was always really conscious about my chest – it felt like I had bee stings in comparison to everyone on TV and in magazines,’ said Amy, from Worthing, West Sussex. ‘Now I never worry about putting on a bikini or a nice dress to go out because my boobs are ample enough to fill them. And it’s all thanks to my grandma and granddad.’

Hmmmmmm, this is a tough topic for me to tackle, because I’m a dude and I have no idea how the boob growing and plateau process goes. From my viewpoint some girls are blesses with big tatas and others have smaller ones, you literally cannot do anything to make them grow besides maybe take birth control “ex girlfriend’s got bigger when she was on it” or wear a nice push up bra. You can’t do some extra pushups or dips at the gym to get your chest bigger like a guy can so you’re kind of in a tough spot. 

How about Grandma Deloris and Grandpa Filmer just stepping up to the plate here and scratching off 5K so their daughter can be happy and have a self-esteem. Fuck yeah you guys, I approve of this for sure. Now your daughter can skip college and go marry a rich dude and be set for the rest of her life, I don’t hate the play here. By the way she was a Airplane Stewardess? I’ve yet to encounter a hot one yet in my 15 lifetime flights, it’s either a withered 60 year old woman named Sharon who bitches at me when I ask for another 4 oz. can of Coke, or another mini bag of pretzels that has about 4-5 pretzels in it, that or some gay dude named Richie who is just chirping at me the whole flight because I’m the “cutest guy on the flight”. GTFO out of here Richie.




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