UFC Fighters Caught Talking Smack To Each Other During Break of Interview (Hilarious)


Fuck yeah this is what i’m talking about, this isn’t the NFL where before,during and after the game players are giving each other bro hugs, helping each other off the ground and congratulating people after a touchdown, hell no this is a sports where people’s faces get caved in and people break there shins when trying to kick the other persons leg. 

Jon “Bones” Jones is the heavyweight champion of the UFC and he shows how big of a dick he really is, guy could crush me like a bug but c’mon bro, you’re going to call someone a pussy in between an interview then act fake when the camera comes on? These two are set to fight and if someone calling you a pussy doesn’t get you motivated to fight then idk what will. 

I love how Cormier (guy with gap in teeth) just goes HAM on him and telling him he’s the scum of the earth while Jones is too cool to respond. 

The end is the best…. Jones said he’d physicall kill him, and I damn sure believe him.


I used to watch the UFC, but got sick of seeing Affliction T’s and grown men wanting to fight me over cheering against their favorite fighter. 

I would let Rhonda Rousey woman’s UFC Champion beat me up in bed

Something tells me if I wasn’t performing good enough in the sheets with Rhonda she would just beat me up and put me in a pretzel.



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