New Wristband That GIves Electric Shock If You Skip Out On The Gym


So this wristband will give you an electric shock if you skip your workout for the day…

Where the fuck was this during my college years when I threw on a plump 20lbs from crushing food at The Grill and dumping copious amounts of Miller Latte’s and W-Cokes down my throat. Not to mention the late night Taco Bell where you order 3x as much as you really should eat. 

This fucking wristband will hold me accountable. I’m the king of trying to sneak out of a workout, oh my tummy hurts, gotta go home and feed the dog, there’s too many  meathead in the gym at that time,, this wristband will tell you to buck the fuck up or get shocked like a dog who chases cars. I could go on a rant for days about going to the gym and people at the gym, just a few random thoughts.

— I have so much goddamn respect for fat people who grind the treadmill and stairstepper, I don’t care if you’re only walking at least your not filling your face up with another McDouble.

—- This sweaty bro didn’t wipe down the weight bench after he got done lifting, looked like a goodamn monsoon, almost called him out till I realized his forearms were bigger than my calves

—- I took a preworkout yesterday that had extra testoserone in it and I almost fainted or had a heart attack, scariest shit of my life.




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