Month: August 2014

Aaron Rodgers and Matt Flynn Looking Fresh to Deaf

Would you take a look at these guidos, just crushing the jeanjacket game. Everyone remembers when they were younger in the 4th grade and begged moms to buy you a jeanjacket. Well Arod and Flynn are bringing back the jean jacket look and in my opinion it’s here to stay. Guarantee these outfits will be sold in the Packers Pro Shop by week 1. I keep looking at different pieces of the outfit and i’m just amazed by the ballerness of them. 

Flynn looks like a fucking Dulce and Cabana model with his thumbs tucked in his jeans. 

Rodgers where in the fuck do I buy one of those Jean top hats bro, so fresh and so clean clean.

By the way now way Tolzien is making the team anymore, Flynn just solidified his spot on the team going along with this because you know it was Rodgers idea 110%



Ice Bucket Challenge Gone Wrong

Well Well Well, a bucket challenge gone severely wrong. Kid gets nominated by his friend to do the Ice Bucket Challenge on Facebook, has a brilliant idea of taking a skid steer and dumping water over his head with it. Decent idea, loads of water but the execution may of been off. Pops is behind the while and just crushes little Jimmy right on the head and almost takes off his kneck. I can’t get over the look on his face when the bucket makes contact and his head goes down. 

I won’t do an ice bucket challenge, mostly because I want to to be the only person who hasn’t done it, *kind of a power move* 

Will donate though, ALS is a sad disease that takes over the body.


College Football is Back Video!! Pumped up! #BoneAlert

I live for College Football it’s ridiculous, literally will sit there from 10am-11pm watching College Football without flinching, just ordering pizza’s and Chinese food while simultaneously dumping Miller Latte’s down my throat all day just watching every game in sight. Either way i’ll let the video do the talking, gave me goosebumps and a boner. Enjoy

GrandParents Pay For GrandDaughters Boob Job To “Boost Her Confidence”

Metro- Harry and Dee Giles agreed to foot the £5,000 bill to help their granddaughter Amy Hart get over her low self-confidence and nerves. The air stewardess’ parents refused to give her money for the procedure to swap her 34As for double Ds. So she went to their seniors who gave her the green light after she spoke about taking out a loan to cover the cost. She booked the op shortly after her 21st birthday. ‘I was always really conscious about my chest – it felt like I had bee stings in comparison to everyone on TV and in magazines,’ said Amy, from Worthing, West Sussex. ‘Now I never worry about putting on a bikini or a nice dress to go out because my boobs are ample enough to fill them. And it’s all thanks to my grandma and granddad.’

Hmmmmmm, this is a tough topic for me to tackle, because I’m a dude and I have no idea how the boob growing and plateau process goes. From my viewpoint some girls are blesses with big tatas and others have smaller ones, you literally cannot do anything to make them grow besides maybe take birth control “ex girlfriend’s got bigger when she was on it” or wear a nice push up bra. You can’t do some extra pushups or dips at the gym to get your chest bigger like a guy can so you’re kind of in a tough spot. 

How about Grandma Deloris and Grandpa Filmer just stepping up to the plate here and scratching off 5K so their daughter can be happy and have a self-esteem. Fuck yeah you guys, I approve of this for sure. Now your daughter can skip college and go marry a rich dude and be set for the rest of her life, I don’t hate the play here. By the way she was a Airplane Stewardess? I’ve yet to encounter a hot one yet in my 15 lifetime flights, it’s either a withered 60 year old woman named Sharon who bitches at me when I ask for another 4 oz. can of Coke, or another mini bag of pretzels that has about 4-5 pretzels in it, that or some gay dude named Richie who is just chirping at me the whole flight because I’m the “cutest guy on the flight”. GTFO out of here Richie.



Randy Freaking Moss

Randall you freaking stud, what’s good bro? Haven’t heard from you in a long time. Well ever since you sucked it up on the FOX Pregame show analyzing football. But seriously this has to be the single greatest VINE ever?? I never would take Randy for a fisherman but damn that’s a nice little unit you got on the hook there boss.


Heres the original video.


Next time I go withdraw money from the bank you know i’m gonna drop a “straight bass homie” on the teller to throw her off.


I Hate These Dudes From YouTube

Ok i’m so sick of these wigger ass dudes on YouTube trying to get 5 million views by doing stupid pranks and shit. I smile every time one of these guidos get smoked in the face. I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t ever go to the Ghetto of Chicago or New York and go up to some black dude and steal his iphone or pull up his pants. Get cold cocked by his buddy or worse yet shot in the face from one of these dudes. Keep trying to get a million views bros i’ll stay here and make funny Snapchat MyStory’s.

The biggest reason I hate these cheeseballs is because that 22 year old kid doing this video is wearing Hollister. Bro GTFO out of my face you peasant. 



UFC Fighters Caught Talking Smack To Each Other During Break of Interview (Hilarious)

Fuck yeah this is what i’m talking about, this isn’t the NFL where before,during and after the game players are giving each other bro hugs, helping each other off the ground and congratulating people after a touchdown, hell no this is a sports where people’s faces get caved in and people break there shins when trying to kick the other persons leg. 

Jon “Bones” Jones is the heavyweight champion of the UFC and he shows how big of a dick he really is, guy could crush me like a bug but c’mon bro, you’re going to call someone a pussy in between an interview then act fake when the camera comes on? These two are set to fight and if someone calling you a pussy doesn’t get you motivated to fight then idk what will. 

I love how Cormier (guy with gap in teeth) just goes HAM on him and telling him he’s the scum of the earth while Jones is too cool to respond. 

The end is the best…. Jones said he’d physicall kill him, and I damn sure believe him.


I used to watch the UFC, but got sick of seeing Affliction T’s and grown men wanting to fight me over cheering against their favorite fighter. 

I would let Rhonda Rousey woman’s UFC Champion beat me up in bed

Something tells me if I wasn’t performing good enough in the sheets with Rhonda she would just beat me up and put me in a pretzel.


Best Family Feud Celebration Ever???? *Video*

I love Family Feud, in fact i’ve never met anyone crazy enough not to love Family Feud. It’s the most simple concept of a game just asking people a survey basically. When they had Family Feud on Facebook a few years ago i’d play my 1 free game a day every day, almost pulled the trigger on dropping a $20 spot on some tokens for more games but resisted because I hate Facebook. Anyways check out these hotrods celebrating their win of $20,000 after winning fast money…..

Let’s all take a moment to cherish and break down each great part of this video.

First of all, I want to be invited to every social gathering these crazy fucks have, seriously such a good time I guarantee they all shotgun beers and play beach volleyball naked.

They start out with the standard white people dance, arms in the air and “raising the roof’ ok…

Then they go straight country and do a fucking dosey doh going in circles like their at a ho-down and grabbing arms for a few seconds and alternating by the second *textbook form in my opinion*

Then before you know it the dude at the :27 second mark is feelin’ it, and takes the stage, all eyes on him he goes all high stepping with arms crossed like a fucking soldier marching and decided to go all out on the “robot dance” and absolutley annihilates it. My man how much per hour to have you to teach me how to dance for my next nigh cap at XS???

 P.S. check out old grandpa Jerry just getting loose as fuck in the background

and the other white guy who can’t dance but is trying to so damn hard.



Girl In “I’m Fat Let’s Party” Shirt Is Electric


This chick is a legend in the “I”m Fat Let’s Party” Shirt.

She’s basically just a straight up girl, she likes her McDoogles (Mcdonalds) and her Wendys Triple Stack Burgers and she’s proud of it. It takes some serious brass to wear a shirt like this and just be holly jolly and chipper as can be. 

Here’s how the process goes, you see yourself getting a little chunky, you have two options

1.) Get a gym membership and get on a treadmill and melt off the fat

2.) Just embrace you’re going to be forever fat and just add on some extra blubber for the winter, I know this from experience it’s a slippery slope and it sucks.

Love this girl, she’s fun to be around always in a good mood and probably a great wingman, 

P.S.- I’d love to shotgun a beer with this broad

Banger Alert******




New Wristband That GIves Electric Shock If You Skip Out On The Gym


So this wristband will give you an electric shock if you skip your workout for the day…

Where the fuck was this during my college years when I threw on a plump 20lbs from crushing food at The Grill and dumping copious amounts of Miller Latte’s and W-Cokes down my throat. Not to mention the late night Taco Bell where you order 3x as much as you really should eat. 

This fucking wristband will hold me accountable. I’m the king of trying to sneak out of a workout, oh my tummy hurts, gotta go home and feed the dog, there’s too many  meathead in the gym at that time,, this wristband will tell you to buck the fuck up or get shocked like a dog who chases cars. I could go on a rant for days about going to the gym and people at the gym, just a few random thoughts.

— I have so much goddamn respect for fat people who grind the treadmill and stairstepper, I don’t care if you’re only walking at least your not filling your face up with another McDouble.

—- This sweaty bro didn’t wipe down the weight bench after he got done lifting, looked like a goodamn monsoon, almost called him out till I realized his forearms were bigger than my calves

—- I took a preworkout yesterday that had extra testoserone in it and I almost fainted or had a heart attack, scariest shit of my life.