My Life Since Breaking Bad Ended *Spoiler Alert****

I’m a TV series junkie and Breaking Bad was my favorite experience of binge watching ever. I watched the show on Netflix over my Christmas break last year, and I was just crushing episodes left and right. I shit you not I was watching 6-8 episodes a day, blowing off any plans put in front of me. Hey KASH want to go on a date tonight? “No, unless you want to watching Breaking Bad until you can’t keep your eyes open.” Shit literally consumed my life.

I watched it on TV, and bit all my fingernails off in anticipation of the ending, the only way you don’t know what happened in the end of the show is if you’ve been living under a rock the last year. Either way R.I.P. Walter White.

Now, i’ve been in a desperate search for a new TV series to watch, I asked every single person I knew for a good new show to watch sinc I already started Walking Dead and Homeland. here are the ones who were good, bad and awful

Shows I liked-

1.) Shameless- Image

This show is nuts, alchoholic dad, bastard children, and just the most absurd, wrong things you could think of. I swear the writers of this show just watch porn all day and think up weird shit. Somehow this show was so good I couldn’t turn away. Check it out if you have no filter, and aren’t scared of gross shit and scenarios. BTW, Debby needs to go play in traffic. SO ANNOYING. Fiona Gallagher is a fox also.

2.) Sons of Anarchy- 

This show is about a biker gang, who basically runs the town they live in, they are good dudes but do bad things to keep the town safe. Drugs, Guns, Sex, you name it this show has it. Get past the first 2 episodes and you’ll love this show. Jax Teller is a badass and he just swoons bitches. This show is in my top 5 of all time, go watch it right now damnit.

3.) Blue Mountain State- 

This show has everything a dude (and even a girl who has a sense of humor) want in a show. Basically about a college football team, that has every scandal that you could even think of thrown at that every episode. Paying athletes (check), quarterback banging the coach’s wife (check), the team getting piss tested, and them going through extreme measures to pass (check). This show is so damn good and the episodes are so short, you can literally smash a whole season in a day or two. Thad Castle is a legend, you’ll know what I mean the first time you see an episode.

Shows I Despised-

Big Bang Theory-

Sorry to all BBT fans, but this show fuggin blows. The only thing that keeps this show on the air in my opinion is Kailey Cuoco. My god is she a fox. Sheldon flusters me and seems like the type of dude i’d love to throw in a locker and never let out. Either the humor of this show is down right retarded or it’s over my head. Either way i’d rather take a shot of Jack Daniels that’s been microwaved for 30 seconds than sit down and watch a full episode of this shit.


Teen Mom–


This girl right here is the main reason why I hate this show. Spoiled brat, got pregnant had child, does a porn tape makes a million dollars. What a horrendous mother, she does realize her daughter will see that one day. I guess i’m just against the morals of this show, and how popular it is. Totally a good look for our youth, i’m calling my shot there with be a “14 and pregnant” soon, shit gets me all rhiled up and disgruntled. Farrah pisses me off, Maci was kinda cute. Fuck i’m done

Shows i’m going to start watching

House of Cards-Image

People are getting chubbies about season 2 coming out, looks like my kind of show even though I have no idea what it’s about i’m sure it’s good. I’ll be binging season 1 so i’m on time for season 2.

Game of thrones- Image

Honestly not about that Midevil Times life but, I’m sick of people not willing to label me a tv show guru because I haven’t watched this show. I’m sorry I don’t like the fuggin Hobbit and I don’t want this to be like that. I’ll give this a shot, will sit down with about 6 Chipotle Burritos and crush it.

That’s all I got, still flustered looking at Sheldon’s face and voice.



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